Hi everybody :)

My name is Alessio, and i live in Italy, on a wonderful Island, called Sardinia. My artistic journey began a long time ago with illustrations and comics. I've always drawn, since my childhood, and in 2000 I attended a professional comics course, the "Sardinian School". I have published Fantasy comics in Italy and worked for major brands, thanks to my drawings.

Since 2009, however, something has changed. I discovered sculpting. it was love at first sight because I could "draw sculpting" ... and it was wonderful! The growth of my fanpage on facebook has been exponential (now I' m getting close to 20,000 fans) and the feedback from all over the world has been a lot and very rewarding. My work is very evocative because i point to people's passions. I mainly make fanart, in limited pieces, but every so often I work on my own original things.