do you also work on commission?
Sometimes. depends on the requests, if they take a long time to be realized. However, you can still contact me through the contact form of the site. Asking does not cost anything :)

Do you make resin copies or just original pieces?
I realize only unique pieces, I do not make resin copies of my work, at least for now. Maybe in the future, I will start reproducing my sculptures with molds, but for now I'm not thinking. All the sculptures you see in the shop are UNIQUE PIECES.

What materials do you use to make your sculptures?

I use three types of polymer clay. Super Sculpey firm, living doll and coloring, Fimo staedtler. What I prefer is the Super Sculpey Living Doll.

How many hours do you need to make a dragon?

From 4 to 7 hours, it depends on the dragon, of course. Usually, more colors have, more time is needed to be realized.

How long does it take to receive my order?
All parcels depart from Italy. We say we need a minimum of 5 days for Europe, a maximum of 12 days for Oceania, Australia and the US West. In the east coast of the USA it arrives in 7 days. :)

My item arrived damaged. What can I do?
If it happens (Sometimes it is because they are delicate objects), contact me immediately through the contact form of the site, and attach some photos of the damaged item. If you can fix it, I'll explain how to do it. I can also ship, at my own expense, parts of the sculpture to be replaced. I'm always available to find a solution. Always remember that I am not responsible for what happens after the parcel is shipped. Sculptures are packaged to the best, to avoid damage.